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Neelofer Qadir

PhD (May 2019)
Department of English
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Neelofer Qadir recently defended her dissertation Afrasian Imaginaries: Global Capitalism and Labor Migration in Indian Ocean Fictions, 1990 - 2015, and will receive her PhD in May 2019. Afrasian Imaginaries argues that cultural production from writers and artists working in an Indian Ocean context disrupts the familiar colonizer/colonized binaries; rather, drawing on the plural histories of the ocean, it not only critiques the postcolonial state, but enacts reparative practices of decolonization. 

During AY 2018-19, Neelofer is a research associate in residence at the Five College Women's Studies Research Center.  At UMass Amherst, she is a Writing Fellow for the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program through which she supports undergraduate science writers in their major writing requirement courses. She also works as a Writing Associate at Amherst College, where in addition to 1:1 consultations, she facilitates an online support group for thesis writers. Beyond Western Massachusetts, you can find her online at GradHacker, where she is a contributing author. 

In August 2019, she will begin a tenure-stream position as Assistant Professor in the Department of English and the Program of International Global Studies at the University of North Carolina Greensboro.